Anatomy of a halia pad

"A huge plus for me was how truly comfortable the pads felt. It felt as if my undies just had an extra layer of soft cloth."

Supersoft organic bamboo surface

Traditional pads are made of synthetic fibers that lead to allergies and irritation — something you won’t  get with gentle, organic bamboo. 

What we replaced

Top Layer: Perforated plastic sheet made of PP (polypropylene) or PE (polyethylene)

"It absorbs right away and I wont have to worry about it spreading all over."

Perfectly shaped wings + anti-leak guard

Designed to fit your undies. Less bunching, more leak protection, and more movement.

What we replaced

Anti-leak made of perforated plastic sheet made of PP (polypropylene) or PE (polyethylene)

"It's sooo thin and light, but no matter how strong my flow is, it really does not leak!"

Super absorbent core

Supportive for hours on end. Each pad can be used up to 6 hours before changing.

What we replaced

Synthetic chemicals: Artificial perfumes and heavy metal dyes

"I like how the adhesive doesn't stick too hard to my underwear that it tears up when I pull it off!"

Breathable corn back sheet

No more icky plastic-y feeling with our biodegradable and breathable back sheet. We also use a hypoallergenic glue for our adhesive.

What we replaced

Bottom layer: PE (polyethylene); petrochemical-based backsheet