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Stay confident throughout your period and say goodbye to that icky plastic-y feeling with Halia's certified biodegradable pads


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Better for your flow, your body, & our planet

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I LOVE my Halia Pads and definitely no regrets switching from my old sanitary napkin.

- Pau D.

It felt light, very comfortable, breathable …and to top it off, it handled my heavy days really well. This is my new go-to. (Plus I feel better doing my part for nature )

- Kim B.

I definitely prefer this over commercial brands, it’s comfier i feel like i’m not wearing pads at all, great for sensitive skin down there, and environmentally sustainableee!!

- Jelina S.

I recently switched from generic plastic pads to ones that are made with natural materials and it’s SO MUCH BETTER. I think everyone should consider making the switch :)

- Evelyn W.

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Periods don't haveto suck

At Halia, we’re redefining the period
experience as one that is enjoyable,
free from environmental guilt, and
filled with empowerment
(and dance parties 💃).